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Your team is locked in a mysterious room. A room with a story. A room with a threat. You've got one hour to escape before terrible things happen...

While searching the room, you will find special objects that can be used on your way to freedom. By solving the puzzles and riddles by thinking logically and a good amount of team spirit you can take the next step. While time is ticking away, the room will appear to have lots of hidden secrets.

Escape will not be easy...

One Hour Lockup receives an average score of 9,7!

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Serial killer of secret society?

Choose from one of our two escape rooms: Zodiac Killer or Illuminati Headquarters. Come now with your friends, family or colleagues and get to know the cruel murderer or secret society.

Zodiac Killer

In the 1970s, a brutal serial killer made the San Francisco area unsafe. His nickname was the Zodiac Killer, because of the cryptic letters he sent to police and newspapers. He has at least seven murders on his conscience, but it could be many, many more.

Look around the home of this infamous serial killer.
Fortunately he is not at home. Or is it...?

Illuminati Headquarters

The Illuminati Order is an ancient, mysterious society with dark forces and mystical rituals. They have only one goal: to gain total power over the world. Professor Dr. Archibald von Absento investigates this company and tries to prevent their evil plans.

Visit the Illuminati and prevent the end of the world.
Only you can stop them!

Difficulty: a little above average

Difficulty: a little above average

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