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VR escape game in the worlds of Prince of Persia
Sands of Time - Warrior Within - The Two Thrones

The Dagger Of Time

Kaileena, the Empress of Time, has asked you to come to the Fortress of Time. You must help her stop the Magician's evil plans. He wants to use the Sands of Time to create an army of sand monsters. To prevent this, you need the powers of the Dagger of Time, which you can use to manipulate time.

If you have not yet played the VR escape games Escape The Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusa's Gate, we (and Ubisoft) recommend that you play them first, and then The Dagger of Time. This game is quite difficult and the chance that you will reach the end without experience is very limited. And that would be a shame ;-)

Escape The Lost Pyramid
Escape The Lost Pyramid
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2, 3 or 4 players ( more players? Then more teams)


60 minutes VR playtime





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What is a Virtual Reality escapegame?

HTC Vive Pro VR headset

A Virtual Reality (VR) escape game is a great, interactive adventure that you and your friends experience as if you were really there. In this virtual world you end up in the most amazing places and experience situations that in real life would be far too dangerous or simply impossible. As heroes you bring this adventure to a successful end together!

Each player gets their own professional VR headset and two controllers. You stay in your own play area during the game. You don't have to walk, you can teleport yourself to other places. You can pick up or throw things away, but you can also climb on something or operate devices, for example. Together with your friends you determine the strategy in this interactive game.

VR escape games are corona-proof, everyone has their own space to play.

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